how’d you increase punching power for a real fight or here’s three simple tricks so welcome back so we’ve done previous videos on pitting people which is always a good thing to make friends I suppose today we’re going to look at how to increase your power and power is important if you’re going to hit someone it’s essential that you use at all heavy bags a good tool now first things first training on a heavy bag if you really want to train for self defense if you really want to learn how to fight you’ve got to learn how to punch and punch hard with a bare fist so wrapping your hands and putting them into the gloves is not going to help you on a street fight you don’t walk around with boxing gloves other well I don’t know this is what green sometimes people do so the first thing we’re going to talk about is condition in your hands we’ve done a video on wall bag training have a look at that but for today we’re going to look at a heavy bag generally to hit hard you have to have condition hands so wrapping your hands in a boxing glove or are sort of hand wraps and and boxing glove and hitting a bag is okay it’s great but it’s not going to help you in a street fight what you need to do is create density in your knuckles in your hands when you’re actually hitting a person okay what you generally want to do is form a good tight fist and here it turns straight into the center straight into the center another point is to sink when you hit so to increase power okay if you mentally kundunese when you hit okay with empty hands being not wrapped you’re going to increase your power the other way of increasing your power is by the dynamics of using your whole body so essentially what I want to do is bend and sink when I hit the back so when I’m hitting a human being what I’m doing is I’m sinking get my power because I’m rotating all the major joints of my body utilizing them at the same time I’m getting power so if you really want to increase your power to punch you got to hit not push what I mean by that is don’t push the bag you’ve actually got to contract so what I mean by contracting is you see into the bag and you squeeze and you relax now creates a sharp shock and that shot will make the bag jolt it will jump out what you don’t want to do is hit the lean in and move and try to hit the bag and push it because it doesn’t increase your power what it does increase is your push so when you hit a purse bang you want to move it banning you and moving but you want to contract and what you’ll see when you hit the bag is it will fold in the middle and that’s an ideal way to increase your power so if you want to increase your powerful punch a real punch in a real fight should you wear gloves should you wrap your hands.

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