You know men love gadgets. I personally believe there’s a certain amount of gadgets in tech that every guy needs in their personal lives to just facilitate their life and make it better enjoy it so today I’m gonna give you the top 10 items that I personally have that I think you should think of this as almost a wish list.

if you have no idea what to receive or what to give if that sounds interesting hop into it also quick things to wish for sponsoring this video number one a cheap pair of wireless headphones you guys know I love my wireless headphones my Apple earpods they’re amazing but they’re also really really expensive so when I get the best of both worlds find a wireless headset that sounds great but it’s an affordable price these are just that and before I keep going that’s something that you’re gonna notice across the whole list of the top 10 items I’m gonna talk about all these items I was actually able to find unwish our sponsor for today the wish app it’s amazing for gadgets and tech and just any other cool item that you can find at ridiculously affordable prices like these headphones most of these items can range anywhere from 2 bucks 10 bucks 20 bucks

Everything’s super affordable because it’s coming straight from the factory in case you didn’t know most of the gadgets and tech items and cool products that you buy a lot of it come from Chinese factories well what brands do is they buy it from the factory add a premium and then sell it to you at crazy prices well with the wish app you can buy those exact products straight from the factory you’re cut out the middleman and the price gap that they put and you’re buying products that you would pay a hundred bucks for easy for well under 20 bucks and these headphones are a great example of that and why the wish app is so amazing especially for the holidays if your Christmas shopping and you want to save money but still give people quality and really cool stuff the wish app is where you need to go because like I said it’s not just tech there’s all types of gadgets toys fashion items and style pieces that you can buy at the wish app that you’re buying straight from the manufacturer saving yourself tons of money and still getting what you want now if you want to shop anything from this list I will have all individual items link down below that I personally bought but also I suggest you download the app because using the app is ten times more fun and enjoyable and while you’re on there you’re gonna discover a lot of cool things that you’re gonna end up wanting to buy and like I said the great thing they’re so affordable you probably can number two every guy needs this a portable charger I’ve said it time and time again this is an essential no if ands or buts the worst thing that can happen to you is your phone dying midday and if you’re stuck in class or at work or running chores all day it’s gonna suck if you don’t have your phone number three a fitness tracker fitness trackers is another one of those items I think every guy could find use of it counts your step how many calories you burn and you’re sleeping cycle all stuff that you want to keep track of if you’re into fitness and trying to better yourself number four a docking station you guys know how much I love organization for example I have an EDC tray in my office by my door and by my nightstand where I put all my everyday carry there that way every morning I can just grab everything and no and not have to be looking around for stuff well a dock for your Apple products gives you the exact same benefit this dock only cost around 20 bucks and it’s freaking amazing because you can charge your iPhone you can charge

I can charge my Apple watch and my Apple earpods all in one place and that way every morning I can just grab everything and go in at night I can just charge everything all in one station and I don’t have to be looking around for cables or worrying about multiple outlets number five the fire stick this is the Amazon fire stick again I got this from the wish app and for students or young guys this is crucial because let’s be honest who uses cable TV or satellite TV anymore with the fire stick you honestly will never need it again you have all your streaming services like Amazon Prime Netflix Hulu and even YouTube the fire stick you pay forty bucks once and you got all this great content at your fingertip number six of karma probably the most simple gadget on this list but honestly the most functional one and the one you’re probably using every day this car mount only cost about one or two bucks on the wish app and it’s going to change our life because when you’re driving you want to be safe you don’t to be taking out your phone every time there’s a notification with this you can literally mount your phone at a site so that way you can keep both hands on the wheel but also see anytime uh notification comes in to see if it’s important number seven green transportation especially if you live in a city having something like an electric skateboard or an electric bike can probably can be one of the best ways to transport yourself from point A to point B and also the cheapest way no more paying for uber for taxis or for your own gas most cities are super congested and traffic takes forever having an electric bike like this which only cost around three hundred bucks is a lifesaver and it’s super fun number eight security camera

If you have your own place whether it’s a dorm an apartment or your own office you’re gonna want to protect the things that are inside and home break-ins happen all the time so so when you’re not home this is great to warn you if somebody has broken in so you can call a cop and also you can control the camera 360 to move it and be able to see in every direction number nine a coffee maker need to study all night or you need to work all night and you just need some caffeine why spend money going to Starbucks that’s just a bunch of sugar and milk or Dunkin Donuts when you can make great tasting coffee from the comfort of your home and save money in the long run finally number 10 a long I phone charger I don’t know about you guys but I phone chargers that come from Apple they’re trash I go through ten of those a year and they’re too short so what I personally did is I bought an extended one like this one that’s indestructible at the tips so now I don’t have to be worrying about the tips breaking off all the time and I can charge my phone and move freely around my bed without having to be stuck right next to an outlet and that’s basically it for today’s article guys those are the top 10 essential gadgets that I believe every guy should check out.